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What Information Should You Master to Formulate the U.S History Thematic Essay Topics?

Today, the United States of America occupies a leading position in the information sphere. The picture of the American media is very diverse. However, they have a number of common characteristics. The American press, both print and electronic, is primarily a business and is purely commercial in nature. At present, the United States is a leading world power with a powerful economy and a huge scientific and technological development potential. The state of the world economy as a whole depends on the development of the US economy today. No less important is the foreign policy influence of the United States on international relations in general and on the domestic political development of individual countries in particular, as evidenced by the numerous examples of “color revolutions of the last 15-20 years, “economic murders” of a number of countries, through loans carried out by American financial structures.

The Most Recurring Essay Topics in the US History

Below are some amazing u.s history thematic essay topics:

  1. How was the North American continent discovered?
  2. Why did the discovery of the New World affect the life of the Indians?
  3. What were the reasons for the British colonization of North America?
  4. What was life like for the early settlers in America?
  5. What were the differences between the northern and southern colonies?
  6. The role of women in the colonies.
  7. What were the reasons for Salem's witch trials?
  8. Slavery in America: how did it happen?
  9. How did slavery affect the American economy?
  10. Who were the Pilgrims?
  11. How have Puritans influenced American Society?
  12. What was the nature of the conflicts between the Native Americans and the colonists?
  13. Why did the American Revolution start?
  14. What were the results of the American Revolutionary War?
  15. Has the status of African Americans changed since the Civil War?

How to Use the Essay Writing Service for Your Educational Needs?

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