Bringing Williams County History Alive for 60 Years!

Welcome to the new website for the Williams County Historical Society! Our web redesign is a work in progress, so please bear with us.

We reopen for the 2016 season this Sunday, May 1st at our Opening Tea event, and then resume normal open hours of Monday – Thursday, 1-4 pm until October. Come and join us! You can call us for information at 419.485.8200.

We are unveiling a very exciting new featHeadphonesure at the WCHS museum this season, our eExhibits! Our new enhanced exhibits will feature audio clips and other media related to specific pieces which you will be able to access directly from your smartphone or other internet-enabled device while you navigate the museum. IMG_1494-001The eExhibits feature knowledgable voices and personalities sharing information and stories that will expand upon what you could learn from simply viewing items. We hope you enjoy this new feature! Be sure to leave us lots of feedback so we can continue to make the museum relevant and engaging for all!

1 thought on “Bringing Williams County History Alive for 60 Years!”

  1. I was wondering if your historical society has any historical information on the former Bryan Race track that was located on the northwest side of the city in the 1890s. The 1920 county history indicated it was built in 1892, it is shown on the 1894 county atlas but then not shown on the 1914 USGS 15 minute topo map. Let me know if you have any information on this former site.

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